Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Unfinished Projects (of the quilted variety)

Sometimes it feels like nothing ever gets finished around here...weeding, mowing and trimming are rarely completed all at the same time (okay, never!) and even if they were things continue to grow and it is a constant effort to keep up. One that I enjoy, don't get me wrong, but one never really walks away from a garden thinking "my work here is done"!

I've been rummaging through some quilting stuff lately: a new baby born to my cousin's son, a friend beginning her own journey into quilting. While I've been digging around I snapped some pictures of the projects I will pick up again this fall when the weather turns cold and the gardens have been put to bed for the year. I didn't take the time to iron them and stage them in the yard like the quilting bloggers do, these are staged to hide the clutter in my sewing room and nothing else! I hope to do some nice photos of these quilts once I've done the binding, but that will be months from now. But anyways, the pictures:

I will give this little girl's blanket to my cousin's granddaughter. The bamboo batting is so soft and cuddly. It is actually leftover from a bigger project, so didn't cost any extra and the backing that I used is a sheet that my mom gave me long ago. Frugal! Gotta love it ;)

Also keeping the cost down, I quilted the little girl quilt myself. I'm happy with the results. I will do a post on each quilt as I bind them and actually complete a project at a time!

No idea how to rotate this picture. These half square triangles were all made with the remnants of fabric leftover from a larger project. I used a walmart batting which seems stiff and too thick...I'm sure the cost of the lovely bamboo batting doesn't work out to much more. When I buy the bamboo from the locally owned fabric store I am not only getting a better product but I am also supporting a local female entrepreneur. Win-win! I think I will keep this little blanket on hand for a last minute baby shower gift. The light colours are suitable for either a boy or girl, I think.   

This little 9-patch was one of my first attempts. I really like the blue and white but I don't know what I will do with it when it is complete. I like to support the local women's shelter, which gives a blanket to every mother and child who leave there to begin a new life. I would like to think of this little blanket helping a child transition into a life free of domestic violence.

Needs ironed though! Below is the quilt that I made this past winter. It has many of the tones that are found in my living room and throughout the house.

I am happy with the way it turned out and used the bamboo batting I was telling you about. I also had it quilted in town at that locally owned fabric store.

It turned out nice and soft, just what I wanted!

I live in a house and yard where new projects begin before others are completed...it can be chaotic and sometimes I long for a more orderly way of doing things. But this season of our lives is passing by so quickly, we are busy with family and a new yard and I know it won't always be this way. In fact, I am sure I will long for these days when I have a quiet house and time to work on projects uninterrupted. For now, we live and work seasonally. It is time to be in the yard and on the beach, so that is where we are. Soon it will be time to work indoors and I will happily return to these unfinished quilts. I will post another update then :)


  1. the Google Overlords just ate my comment. grrrrr.

    anyway - the gist of it being, i SO understand the idea of living and working seasonally. i'm quite certain i'll migrate back to all of my unfinished bits once the weather turns again...;)


    1. Hi Mel, as much as I'm not a fan of a long cold winter, I always happily resume my baking/sewing/woodhauling and only really get tired of it in February. The shifts in seasons do suit me (as much as I am sad to see a summer end!). Hope all is growing well in your neck o' the woods!