Thursday, 16 July 2015

Orange is the New Pink

We have been blessed with a "rain delay". It was 12C this morning with a driving rain. I just couldn't make my kids go swim in a lake. We got some baking done this morning but it was too wet for weeding. This afternoon I dropped the boys off at Gramma's house and headed for the library and to grab a few groceries (more on the books another day). 

While childless in town I couldn't help but stop at the fabric store. While at the store it began to pour rain. While it poured rain I got lost in stacks of feminine but not girlie prints. You see, I'm banking on it that a couple up and comers will be girls...I'm really hoping ;)

Nothing too baby...nothing cartoonish...a hint of retro and not too much pink. In fact, I found some oranges that I really liked and a lovely print that's meant to look like the old butterick patterns from the 60s. LOVE!! 

The lady in the orange dress so reminds me of pictures of my mom when her and my dad first got married. A much more fashionable time...

I have berries to pick, a yard to tame and one more day of swimming lessons. There will be pickling and preserving before much sewing can happen here. But it's almost enough to make me look forward to winter :)


  1. haha...glad to see i'm not the only one stocking up on for-winter projects.....;)

    i love the idea of time to browse in a fabric's one of those places i could easily lose a few hours! xo

    1. I love, LOVE, looking at fabric. If I am in a store with no kids I just savour the experience. However, if I am in a store WITH kids I can really haul ass and pick out a bunch of fabric in a hurry ;) I am in no rush for winter, really I'm not, but when inclement weather arrives as it always does I am armed and ready for new projects :) Thanks for stopping by!