Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Unwinding at the Devonian Botanical Garden in Alberta

During our family vacation with Husband's parents, I flexed my mama-muscles and insisted we go to the Devonian Botanical Garden outside Edmonton, AB.

What a beautiful, serene morning we spent wandering the trails. It was just what we all needed after a busy and hot couple of weeks. 

The grand waterfall was a crowd-pleaser with my bunch. 

As were the fish in the pond below. We loved the Japanese Garden the most, but the whole experience was great. 

It happened to be a cool and overcast day. It was a relief to spend 2 hours walking and chatting (or running and yelling enthusiastically, as were my boys!--my apologies to anyone meditating in the Japanese Garden!) without being overwhelmed by the heat. 

The kids were thrilled with the Butterfly House. 

A few years ago I might not have pushed to take my kids to a garden. I might have assumed they would be bored. I am so glad I gave them a chance to appreciate a beautiful space and unwind before the almost 3 hour car ride home. I was especially proud of my four year old who ran around pointing out hen and chicks and other plants he knew from our own yard. 

Some more pictures:

I loved all the rocks...

Caragana maze was a hit...

Beautiful ponds....

And so many lovely flower beds.

I hope to get back to the garden in June sometime to see the peony garden in bloom. Have you toured any beautiful gardens this summer?

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