Friday, 1 August 2014

Sunflowers n such

Our sunflowers are now over 7 feet tall...

We have been eating fresh peas every morning, and have been picking raspberries at our neighbours. 

We have a few things in bloom...

and we are enjoying beets and beans fresh out of the garden. This time of year will forever remind me of the summer of my first pregnancy--I ate so many beets and beans I'm surprised I didn't change colours. 

What's growing in your garden these days?


  1. Wonderful, I love, love, love this time of year in the garden. It started to rain yesterday, after such a long dry spell. Last night there were slugs and snails galloping across the grass in great numbers. So today I'm thinking there might be a few less lettuces and carrot seedlings. But no doubt there will be beans and tomatoes and at the allotment courgettes, cucumbers and wineberries. Our sunflowers are nowhere near as tall as yours, which are fantastic. I'm hoping ours will be the same glorious colours when they do come out though. Enjoy your weekend. CJ xx

  2. Thanks for commenting CJ :) I agree it's a great time of year. I'm watching my tomatoes and peppers with much anticipation! We are being bombarded by ground squirrels right now so I'm hoping they won't do too much damage. The sunflowers are lovely--We have some yellow ones that are just opening up. Thanks for stopping by!