Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer R and R

Summer is flying by, for us, at a breakneck speed. My two boys and I are used to a casual pace--most days spent at home with a small radius of visits and local doings. It has been a busy, almost hectic, summer, and I've decided to put the brakes on before our next round of company arrives.

We had a wonderful time with my friend's three sons at the start of July. They are ten year old twins and an almost eight year old younger brother. They were helpful, listened well, were respectful of our things, and I daresay we bonded in a way that might have taken years if we hadn't had that time together. I look forward to hosting them for a week every summer if I am able. My own two children were entertained and well looked after with my main task being cooking and cleaning! There was barely a fight or disagreement between mine, which is sadly not our normal habit.

We left the day after our company did and traveled an hour and a half south to where Husband has our camper. He travels for work and we bought the camper years ago for that purpose. Although not as kid-friendly as some, our boys love sleeping in the camper and have had a wonderful time with neighboring children and some old friends they already knew. We have spent hot days at the beach building sand castles and catching (and releasing) minnows in nets and buckets. Playgrounds and fresh air have been top of the list, with a quick two-day return home to mow lawn and visit gramma.

photo from I'm
struggling with new methods to upload photos. It's on the to-do list now that we are home.

I hustled the kids back to the camper even though I knew they were exhausted. We did a few more beach days even though I could tell both boys were catching a cold. The voice in my head was saying "you will spend a long dreaded winter cooped up in your house...stay at the lake and make the most of this beautiful weather". And I listened to that voice for a day longer than I should have. The day we arrived home, 4 year old was tired and sick and I was watching him for swelling (having had protein in his urine for some time). In the night he repeatedly complained of pain in his ear and the next morning we were off to the doctor. Ear infection, as expected.

The four year old likes to have a plan made for tomorrow before he goes to sleep. I told him we are going to get our house clean and tidy for when Nanny and Poppy come from Newfoundland next week. We have our yard to care for and water, and a pond to finish. I would desperately like to do some baking but in this heat I think it will have to wait for a cooler time. He said "I just want to spend time with you and Gramma". So that is what we will be doing--resuming our routine at home and enjoying summer from here. As his ears get better we might venture to a local beach, but we are back to our old ways and I must admit it is a relief.

How is summer shaping up in your neck of the woods?

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