Saturday, 19 July 2014

Basement bathroom

Now I've gone and done it...I've been fiddling around with how to get pictures onto the blog and for the moment they are in all sizes and all over the place. I apologize if things aren't appearing as they should. Unfortunately, this is how I roll!


At any rate, we have completed most of our list before the in-laws arrive in four days. We are excited to see them, and I am excited with how the basement, and its bathroom in particular, is coming together. I got the above "shabby chic" cabinet at my favorite antique and collectible shop. We got new bath sheets for them to use and, when they leave, we will use them in our master bathroom. I'd like Husband's parents to have a bit of luxury while they are here, after all it is the only vacation thay have had since they came to see us over two years ago!

Mirror from Winners (have I ever mentioned that I loooove Winners?)

Three postcards that I bought in Scotland almost....well....nearly twenty years ago. Gulp.

More recently, coat hook/towel hanger also from Winners. 

The bathroom now has a door and trim, although we did not get baseboards installed just yet. We opted to enjoy the summer weather at the lake and leave ourselves some winter projects. The in-laws are not fussy and I'm proud of the job we have done with a limited budget and very limited time and man-power.

Have you had any indoor projects to complete this summer? 


  1. You've made a really beautiful job of it. And how sweet you are to treat your in-laws so kindly. They will no doubt have a wonderful time with you. CJ xx

    1. Thanks so much, CJ! I am really happy with how it turned out, though it is not technically "finished". It is a bare light bulb, unfinished ceiling and no baseboards. But we installed the fixtures and did the painting and doors etc ourselves, so it is very rewarding to see it at its current state. My house is a very subdued light blue paint on the top two floors, so I went a little racier in the downstairs loo. We like it! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  2. What a great way to fill such a narrow spot in a bathroom. Love the paper, too!

  3. Thanks, Meggie! When I am looking for furniture for a specific spot I carry the dimensions in a notebook in my purse. In this case I wanted something taller with more shelves, but I really liked the red. I like it with the framed postcards above, too. Thank you for reading :)