Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Don't Waste It

I found this image today, while I should have been doing more important things. It sums up how I feel about food.


I have a post planned on the subject of waste...but at the rate I'm going it may never get written. I have a lot to do outside and since I began binge-watching the show Nashville in the evenings I'm finding it hard to get everything done. The show is not my usual style but I am strangely fascinated by it and have more than a small crush on the character Deacon. He can write a love song for me any day, but I digress ;)

I turned 39 on Sunday. I usually try to say something profound or at least meaningful on my birthday, but I just didn't feel it this year. Perhaps I've been mentally preparing myself for the approaching milestone, 40, to the extent that I am numb to it all. Perhaps, and more likely, I am just kind of over the age thing, and look at the passing of the years as another reminder to be grateful, try hard, and take nothing for granted.

On the subject of food I've had decent luck with my little grow light operation. I have a second set of plants under it, the first having been moved to the small greenhouse stand which we set up  in my mom's dining room this year. She has more space and better light.

Yard clean up is underway now that we are getting some nicer days without as much wind. I'm feeling overwhelmed already and that convinces me that the focus this year must be on low-maintenance gardening. Mulch, mulch, mulch, and hire someone to do the mowing if it all gets to be too much. There's a chance Husband will be away most of the summer working and I am not sure how I will get everything done. But I am trying to let go of the expectation that everything be weeded, trimmed and mowed all at the same time. That would be nice, but I have two kids and some animals now and I have to be realistic. Maybe someday there will be time to get everything perfect, but that will mean there are no little boys here to distract me from my work. So I am in no rush for that to happen. Every day passes by so quickly I need to remind myself that we are doing this--raising animals and food--for fun, because we enjoy the work and the challenge and because we want our kids to learn it. I am so fortunate to get to stay home and do all the things that I am interested in. This is an experience that many would love to have but cannot, and I am determined to savour our days together without stressing that I am not getting everything done. Like the sign says, don't waste it!


  1. Waste is such a slippery beast to grab hold of. I did a trash audit here not too long ago (https://twobirdsintherafters.com/2016/03/10/a-load-of-garbage/) and it was fairly eye-opening. I'm working on cutting our plastic consumption now, specifically, and hope to share some tips soon. I'm looking forward to what you have to share on the subject!

    1. Hi Kirsten, I had been checking in on your trash audit (very brave of you to put that on your blog, and btw I think you do very well in the waste department!). Plastic really is the problem, though, isn't it? We can't control the packaging that comes into our home, even though we try to spend and buy less it still finds its way in. A big part of my plan to reduce waste is to repurpose things as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. A belated happy birthday! Getting older is a funny thing. I have a big birthday coming up and am not quite sure what to think about it. Regarding the gardening/planting, this is something that is important to you. Maybe make a list of what can be reasonably outsourced (depending on money), what you can do yourself keeping in mind the time you want to spend with the boys and then cut your part of the list in half :-)
    Either way I'll be reading in anticipation! I bought flowers today and *may* just buy some soil to plant some plants in. I use the word may because all ten of my fingers seem to be black and focused on killing plants but perhaps this year it will be different...perhaps...
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Pru! I will definitely be letting go of the need for everything to be "perfect" this year. I used to want my yard mowed, trimmed and weeded before people came over. Plus of course the house neat and tidy. It's too much. I want us to have fun and do our best. That is going to be good enough especially at this stage. I hope you do get yourself a little plant pot :) some things to consider are what direction your balcony or best window faces ie) south facing would be great but if you face north you may not get enough light, depending what you want to grow. Good luck!