Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mental Block

I seem to have hit the wall as far as my hobbies go. I haven't sewn in a month or more (except for today, where I have managed to cut and re-cut fabric into a variety of sizes--all of them wrong for the pattern I was attempting). I have stopped writing blog posts although I still jot down daily notes. Gardener friends are excited to get out into the dirt and I sigh that once the snow melts and the mud dries up I have acres of dog mess to pick off my lawn. I'm just being a downer.

So I thought I better break the silence and at least post some photos of the daily goings on. If I leave it too long it gets harder and harder to return.

Yard is still buried in snow

Although the yard is still frozen and under a foot or two of snow, the area facing south of our attached garage (above) is thawing quickly and soon I hope to clear out last year's growth. Perhaps I will rig up some low tunnels and start some early greens. Below, the snow has already disappeared from the south side of our house, just beside the attached garage area. This is also a great spot for some early planting. I hope to build some cold frames this spring (although I do hate to talk about "plans" on the blog before the project has begun--things do have a way of changing and then one appears to be a dud when the plan never comes to fruition!). Oh well, the cat is out of the bag--hopefully I have success starting kale, lettuce, arugula and cilantro indoors and there are cold frames to move to when they are ready :)

One of two remaining jars of maple syrup that we boiled down last year. Also notice my stained glass windows hanging in the window--love 'em! I had saved a quart for each of my sons' birthdays, but we forgot to do it at J's! So this past weekend at O's 4th birthday party I attempted to cook the syrup down into taffy and pour it onto snow for our little friends. It worked out okay but because I did it in the house (bringing a bowl of snow inside) the taffy didn't cool off as well or get as firm as it should have.

Once our company left the syrup cooled into a lovely candy/taffy that I didn't want to waste.

So I added some brown sugar, butter, vanilla and soda and poured it over freshly popped popcorn (no photo available). It was very, very tasty and if I have any syrup next Christmas I think I've happened upon my new "homemade gift" for bus driver, teachers, etc.

As I mentioned, I haven't been sewing much since completing a blanket for my new baby nephew. I think it was that I dreaded putting the binding on the quilt I made my sister-in-law for Christmas.

I just kept putting it off so yesterday I tackled it and finished it. It was a nice relief to get that off the to-do list and it inspired me to rifle through my fabric stash and put together a baby boy and a baby girl quilt so that I have one of each on hand to give away.

I very much love the colour combination I chose for a simple girl's pinwheel baby blanket. But because the Pin I'm using as inspiration is a full sized quilt with large blocks I tried to shrink it in scale and guess at dimensions that would work. The quarter inch seam fools me every time and I've ended up with some blocks smaller than others and need to cut a whole bunch more fabric. I would have been done it by now if I had searched to find a proper pattern, but if I had done that I might not have gotten around to finally posting on the blog ;) I guess everything happens for a reason :) I hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  1. I've had a hard time writing anything useful until this week. my heart wasn't in it. It's alright to take a break. If it comes back that's great, if it doesn't that's okay too. It's still here and you can come back if the mood strikes. If that happens I'd love to exchange addresses for snail mail.

    I need to start some seeds this morning and then I think I'm going to spend the afternoon and evening knitting. Steve won't be home until very late tonight

    1. You're right, Robin, it is alright to take a break :) I know I will be very excited to get out in the yard once our snow goes--I should really concentrate on more housecleaning while we are still indoors. That will provide all sorts of motivation to sew and blog! I usually make myself do a few hours of cleaning and reward myself with some sewing :) I would love to see what you are knitting--that's one skill I've never really tried. My mom tried to teach me when I was young but I'm left handed and she's not and it just didn't compute! I'll email you regarding snail mail :) thanks Robin!

  2. Love the stained glass window - very pretty and a nice feature in the house :-)