Thursday, 3 March 2016

Letter Writing

A wonderful suggestion by a bloggy-friend: why not write real words on real paper? To each other?

I used to write multiple letters (hilarious ones, if I do say so myself!) to two best friends that graduated ahead of me and left our small farming community for the big city university. It was a time before we expected a response either momentarily or same-day...a time before 140 characters dimmed the wits of an entire generation. 

What fun to check the mail! We get our mail on a country road, the one east of us while everything we do leads us west. So although only half a mile out of the way it is easy to forget to go there. Also, it is only delivered on Wednesday and Friday, so I often think there's no point picking it up until there's a good bit stored up. 

I'll say this about my return to letter writing--it's made my geeky day. I've gone and made myself a set of rules. 

I will not read my letter until the kids are most definitely asleep. No interruptions!

I will read it in the quiet, and with tea (echinacea tonight as all the short people in the house have the sniffles).

I will respond immediately, and mail the first draft, scribbles and all. This bloggy, emailing world allows us to polish and refine our every thought. It will be refreshing to blurt it all out without revising. 

In every letter I shall tell a simple, true story that is inspired by the letter I have just read. Some will be short, some might be long. I'm interested to see where these rules take me. 

What a fantastic idea this was! If any of this inspires you, please, pick up a pen and send a quick card or note to someone you would like to chat with. If you can't think of anyone, but you would like to return to writing letters, inbox me! It's a wonderful thing to do :)

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