Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas Shopping Already?

Who on earth would want to begin the Christmas craziness so early in the new year, you ask? Well, possibly the very thrifty. 

Yesterday I spotted $5 Christmas decorations on at 90% off. I got two at .44c each. This is the way I've bought most of our Christmas decor--after season sales on great discounts. But in an effort to reduce the wanton consumerism of the whole thing (why get another wreath just because they are reduced? Don't want more stuff to store 11 and a half months of the year!) What's special about these decorations is that they say the year and there is a spot for a photograph so I've put a picture of each of my boys in the decorations and I'm kicking myself for not getting a set for each of the grammas. A meaningful, thoughtful, easy-to-mail gift for under $1. 

Happy to report that indeed I did quarter a chicken for supper the other night. It was not a perfect job and I'm now on the watch for a good cleaver. I've wanted to break down a chicken for frying but was put off by the actual cutting it up. Anyways, I can stroke that one off my bucket list and hope that a better knife makes the job easier. Let's add "learn to properly sharpen knives" to the list instead. 

In other random news a moose strolled past our yard yesterday. We've seen her before but not so close. She was unperturbed by the dog and I was glad. 

Husband wants to start hunting but J (5) and I agree it must be far from home. Somehow the wildlife that passes through feels more like family than food. I know, not at all the attitude a farmer's daughter should have towards her groceries. It's a contradiction that I will work to reconcile. 

I've been peacefully sewing. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child, a boy. I'm so happy for them and it takes me back to when we were waiting for J to arrive. I did not know the love I was capable of--had no idea the depths of fatigue that a human could reach, nor the joy that could catch me off guard and leave me immobilized with emotion, choking back tears. It was so intense. I can't imagine anything I do having such an effect on me now and I'm not sure I'd want it. But I'm excited to see my brother and his wife fall this deeply in love with their child and I'm glad that now I understand some of what they will need. Help, but space and solitude. Sleep. Groceries. Dishes done, some meals prepared and frozen and all our excitement but not for too long. I'm making a quilt and the pattern is called "the Bonny Scotsman". It suits my brother so much as we are of Scottish descent and I call the baby the wee bonny lad. May he be healthy and bonny indeed. I hope you are having a weekend that you will remember fondly. 


  1. mmm...I understand how you feel about hunting close to home. I'm fine harvesting a buck or bull I know but I'm not so sure about a doe or cow. Thankfully we can't shoot does here, and unfortunately I'll probably not get a moose permit let alone a cow permit that covers our land.

    Awww May the wee bonnie lad be healthy and fit and his entrance into the world be a good one for all. Exciting times! I love the quilt. Your work is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Robin! I find quilting to be so relaxing :)