Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Stone Wishing Well

We are extremely lucky to have a good well. When you live in the country, your own source of water dictates the convenience of how many loads of laundry you can do, if you can use water for your yard, even the length of showers. Although we have a plentiful supply, we are careful to conserve and I talk to my kids daily about how precious water is.

Our well is directly out my kitchen window, smack in the middle of the only flat lawn space this yard offers. We are on a slope and having the well in the middle of everything might have posed a problem but my mom and I were excited to turn it into a feature in the yard.

Above and below: the water driller, before there was a house or a shed in the yard. 

Below: this is our well. We thought we could do better!

In progress: we used mortar between the rocks and tried to keep our stack level as we continued in a circle around the well (although this photo doesn't look level at all!)

We used some stakes and chicken wire to give our rock circle some stability. In hindsight, more stakes would have kept our circle more stable and round. If I do another project of this type I will also cut the stakes to the required length beforehand. Once we were done we were afraid to cut them incase it made any of the rock work come loose. Now it is simply one of those jobs that we forget needs doing and it has been that way a year and a half. Perhaps Husband's next days off? We will see ;)

I used some of that awkward black plastic edging around the base of the little flower bed we built around the well. I thought that once the grass grew in we wouldn't see it, but it has been visible all along and every time I do dishes I gaze out the window at it and wonder how to better hide the edging. The other option was to remove it, but for now I have moved it to the inside of the rock edging. 



Once we get those stakes trimmed back I want to put a large planter of trailing flowers atop the well. I'll be sure to update with some photos if we ever get that done!

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