Friday, 1 May 2015

Fish Pond: The Stone Work

Last April my boys and I began digging a fish pond. Other jobs around the yard eventually took precedence, and once the garden was in it was too hot to work near the black pond liner. So the job got left for spring. This week I have spent a couple days working to edge the pond with rock, build up flower beds and create a level stone area for a bench.

This is how it looked this spring when the snow melted. 

This is how it looked this afternoon:

Actually, since that photo, I moved a few rocks around and my nephew stopped by to bring one of the biggest rocks down where I wanted it. Otherwise, I've done all the heavy lifting myself, and man am I tired! I truly enjoy working with stone and am lucky to have so many rock piles to choose from. It's also great that Husband brings me tonnes of flat rocks from work. 

The rock work is not yet done but I've been planting perennials from my moms yard almost every day. Once every stone is in place I have solar lights to add, and I'm excited to buy a few plants too. I will definitely be posting more about the pond but for now, just a few more shots of the job in progress. Have a great weekend!

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