Monday, 23 June 2014

A Quick Look at the Garden

It stopped raining today. At least, it stopped raining long enough for us to take a muddy tour around the yard. I didn't know Saskatchewan has a monsoon season, but it is beginning to feel like it. By my records we have had three inches plus one tenth of rain in June. While we were outside the sun was bright and cheery and I could almost hear the weeds growing. It got good and hot and felt like about 400% humidity, so naturally it kicked up a thundershower and we got another half inch in a major downpour this afternoon.

Before we came in for lunch, I snapped a few pictures of what is growing:

Sunflowers have grown an inch or two in the last two days. I haven't mulched yet this year, so I have lots of weeding to do before I finally haul it in. I'm looking for a large quantity for a low price ;)

Red onions, radishes and carrots, beets and peas are doing well. I managed to have it weeded before all this rain. I weeded around the edges of my yellow onions before the boys needed to go in for lunch. I really can't wait to get some mowing done and get on top of the weed situation out there!

One (almost) weed-free zone, at least at the moment. I say "almost" because the four year old picked some pretty weeds to place beside the creeping jenny. I don't have the heart to remove them just yet! 

Finally a look at the sittin' porch. I absolutely love this covered deck. We got the rug yesterday and 4 year old arranged the furniture. This is where we have our snacks and take a rest when we are working in the yard. I look forward to many, many hours spent enjoying this spot in my yard. Have you got a favorite spot to relax in your yard?

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