Friday, 20 June 2014

Company's Coming

We are having house guests in July. The first group: my friend's three sons (GULP!). The second: Husband's parents are coming from Newfoundland!

There is much to do.

In order to give three rambunctious boys some space and privacy, I want our basement as ready as possible before they get here. That space will also give the in-laws some privacy, so we might as well do as much as we can (for as cheap as possible) ASAP. Of course Husband is away working so I need to get busy while the weather is wet and I can't be outside. Here is a list to keep me motivated:

  • doors for basement (bedroom, storage area, furnace room and bathroom)
  • trim for around windows and doors, paint and install
  • baseboards for entire basement, paint and install
  • purchase a bed for basement bedroom (actually, a new bed for us. We will put the old one downstairs)
  • return the too-small curtain rod and exchange for a new one
  • hang curtains in basement bedroom, outfit the bed with sheets etc
  • finish installing waterlines on fixtures in basement bathroom
  • get floor mat and new towels for bathroom, possibly a shelf
  • possibly set up a tv in rumpus area
  • sand and stain stairs to basement and all stair railings
  • hang some of our tin signs, art work and pictures down there

 A terrible picture of the sink we put in downstairs. I really like it though, especially since I got it for $100 on kijiji (still new in the box). We painted the bathroom a dark charcoal because I had leftovers from painting some old furniture.

I hung (hanged?) this wallpaper in the basement bathroom yesterday. It is a bold choice for me. I'm glad it is in the basement. 

Once we get a door and trim I will try for nicer pictures. But I'm down to taking pictures with my phone and emailing them to myself, blah blah blah. My old laptop won't take a memory card anymore and we had a 2 year fall down on the "good" laptop which was also 8 years old and had a virus. If I ever disappear from this blog completely you will know that we finally succumbed to obsolescence.

There is also a growing list of what I want to finish outside before the in-laws visit from across the country. That is for another post, however, since it has been wet and cold lately and I need to motivate myself to finish these indoor jobs ASAP. With that in mind, I better get crackin'!

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