Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Husband was home for 5 full days this past week. The kids were elated--the wrestling and playing was at full volume the whole time. We accomplished some of what needs done around here (painting in basement, wooh-hoo!) and we snuck in a bit of relaxation as well. Daddy left for work early this morning and we are faced with the dreaded long-quiet-first-day of his being gone.

I have written a bit about adjusting to life when daddy is away from home. We are all a year older than when that post was written, but the essence remains true. It is up to me to set the tone for my kids, and also to be very gentle while they adjust to our new/old routine. So today must be a very busy day--we are washing all the household bedding and have happily come up with a flax and quinoa bread recipe all our own. Concerned about salt in our diet I realised that even the bread we were eating (which I love, and I miss so dearly!) was quite high in salt. So I have been trying some different recipes (a post on that later!) and today combined a couple with pleasing results. I won't share the recipe until I tinker with it a bit, but bulger, wheat germ, spelt flour, flax, quinoa and whole wheat flour are some of what it entails.

Having daddy home was a refreshing change. It had been 3 weeks since his last days off--hard on us all. While he was home we were busy, it was tiring, today could be a very depressing day if I let it. But when my four year old looked up at me with big eyes and a quivering lip and said "don't you feel so sad that daddy isn't here?" I didn't try to sugar coat it for him. I said, "yes, it's awfully sad. I'd like to lay down and bawl but I think that would make me feel worse. And it would make you and your brother feel awful. So I'm going to stay busy and try to do things that make me happier. I'm going to try to have a good day even though I miss him". And my boy nodded and and has been by my side helping me all day long. Instead of doing quiet inside chores while the two year old naps, we went out to the cow pasture just outside our yard and filled the wheel barrow with frozen cow patties to add to our compost. Four year old thought it was spectacular: "mommy, this might be gross but it sure is fun!". Nice to remind him that mommy's are fun too--and hopefully it helps the compost ;)

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