Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fruit Trees and Shrubs

Got a lil carried away placing my order for fruit many beautiful shrubs caught my eye as I went through the on line catalogue at T and T Seeds out of Manitoba. I've spent the winter thinking about the yard and feeling, well, tentative about where to start. Now that I have ordered some trees I am super excited to get started in the yard.

Last fall I began work on a stone path flanked by two raised rock flower beds. Husband and I also started a stone path that will lead from the covered porch to a water feature on the south side of the yard. At the moment, my yard is mud. We will most certainly have another heavy snowfall (or two!) but the day is coming, soon, when we can return to giving our yard structure. The trees and shrubs that I ordered will go a long way in doing that. I ordered:

2 apple trees (honeycrisp and odyssey)
1 Golden Pear, 1 Hazelnut Tree
2 highbush blueberry, 10 raspberry canes
5 grapevines

Elderberry Black Lace
Cranberry Blue Muffin (Couldn't find an image but read lots of comments reporting that this shrub doesn't bloom without a companion--trouble with disease--the list goes on. It seems I always find these things after the mastercard has been swiped! But it will be a learning experience)
Euonymus Fire Ball
Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry
Lilac Bloomerang

I'm hoping that these shrubs will provide visual interest year round. We have a blank canvas right now so a bit of height here and there should help the eye stop and focus (here's hoping!).

I also sent for 2 Hostas that like the sun, a peony, Astilbe, and Reed Grass. I plan to post when they arrive and I get planting. The weather has dipped below zero again (yesterday was -16C without the wind! Awful!) so the thought of these lovely shrubs and fruit trees is giving me hope that warmer days are ahead. How is spring shaping up in your neck of the woods? Are you making any additions to your garden this year?

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