Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pottery Results

Recently I began taking a pottery class at the museum in town. I was lucky enough to have my mom suggest it. I really enjoyed having an afternoon to myself "built in" to my week, but mostly I enjoyed the experience of learning and creating.

I took a beginner's pottery class four years ago and ended up hand-building all of my pieces. I wasn't that happy with the glazes and I was disappointed not to have learned a bit about the wheel.

I did not conquer the wheel this go-around, but I'm happy to have a couple pieces that I will use. I also really like my hand-built plates. Unfortunately, two of the ones I made that would match those in these pictures were cracked. It is wise in pottery to never get too attached to a piece--the hardest part for me!

I really enjoyed this class and I can't wait to take another. I dislike driving in the winter and don't want to be out on the road so late at night, plus my mom will be busy with their calving season, so there won't be another until sometime next year. Have you had a chance to take up a new hobby lately, or return to an old one? Any major Christmas projects you are working on?

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