Friday, 30 August 2013

Weekend Goals

What a slave have a honey-do-list on a long week-end! The fact is, though, Husband has been away working most of the summer and, now that we are living in our new house, the list is too long to take the whole weekend off. Instead, I have a modest list for us to accomplish Saturday with a day at the lake on Sunday as our reward. Our list tomorrow:

  • install mirror on dresser and hang all mirrors in bathrooms
  • mount the bedroom TV
  • install shelves in boys' rooms
  • build shelves for shoes in entryway closet
  • remove the rest of the scuff marks from the stairway (my boys' "artwork" already on my brand new walls!)
If there is time, I would love for us to bring another load over from my brother's shop:

  • eldest son's dresser (was keeping it there to strip and refinish but have decided putting clothes away is much more important and I shall refinish it when IF life returns to normal!)
  • my grandmother's cupboard (built by my uncle) which I have painted
  • Husband's tool boxes, with stud finder and drill charger
  • recycling bins
  • contents of our old "junk drawer", in hopes that the picture hooks are in it
In the midst of these tasks we also need to run to town to pick out a new NEW stove...sadly my gas range will not fit in our kitchen as it stands. It needs 6 inches clearance because it is natural gas! Who knew? Nowhere in my shopping and researching did I hear of needing certain amounts of space surrounding a gas stove. So, we have opted to return it and go with electric. I'm bummed, but I've been living here for 2 weeks with, first, no running water and now, running water but no hot water, so have been heating water on an electric hot plate and cooking on the BBQ....this is all fine and dandy but if I can have a stove that fits and works on Tuesday I AM DELIGHTED to have an electric stove! Let's roll!


  1. By this time time next year moving in will be only a distant memory :)Hope you have a stove by Tuesday.

  2. Thanks Melanie--you are right! Once upon a time I owned a cabin in Northern Saskatchewan and lived there two months before I had running water. At the time it was stressful (particularly shoveling snow to get to the outhouse)but, in hindsight, those memories are special. It is the same now--I will tell my kids about this as they grow up. We do have a stove now, and running water. We are happy. Thanks so much for reading and commenting :)