Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Oh ya, I have a blog

The days are flying by around here. Our lives have gone from the slow dull grind of toddler monotony easier-to-stay-home-than-go-out-and-risk-a-meltdown (mine, not theirs). Suddenly, here we are with one kid off to school everyday and me and the other guy busy with sheep and pigs and the house and yard and even trying to do some sewing ;)

I feel like I am not sure what this blog is about anymore. I know I've mentioned that before so I won't go on and on. There's been no time to keep up with budgets and spreadsheets but as the garden and animals wind down for the year I hope to get back at it. I have lots of crafts and projects on the go that I'd like to share. It's a matter of figuring out how to put pictures on this blankety-blank blog! I've been out of the workforce a few years now and keeping up with technology is a real pain in my side. Most days I am tempted to do like my dad and reject it altogether (except that he literally has to get someone to change the radio station in the tractor for him). I guess I don't want to go that far with it.
But there's a fair amount of cursing happens at this desk :-)

For the longest while I had lost the camera. When I found it I promptly lost the cord to charge it. Now I have found the cord but the camera is at my mom's, where I took it to take pictures of my sweet baby nephew but forgot to. I am not even making this up. So although I have decided to say to h=ll with using my iphone to do pictures for the blog, I still don't have pictures until I get used to carrying a camera around again. Once I have it, that is.

We had our chickens butchered a few weeks ago. In my quest to teach my boys about where their food comes from I have created two part-time vegetarians. I suspect there will be more unintended consequences along my parenting journey, but we have 3 pigs nearing the end of their tenure here and I don't want to turn them off bacon for life. Although, "more for me" is a thought that does cross my mind.

The year's garden did well. I did not, however, succeed in keeping better records of what I grew and how much I harvested. I did not really even get pictures of it. But the yard is maturing and the spring will be a time to put some needed work into infrastructure by way of more stepping stone paths and hopefully the larger garden spot that I wanted this year but did not get. After that, the focus will be on maintaining what I have--better weed control--and getting the pond pump running. We had a very labour-intense spring this year and I hope never to repeat that. Some projects are to be expected, even wished for, but the work installing the rocks on our pillars and basement was a strain. Very expensive, very time consuming. Glad to have it done, though!

Front door: before

Front door: after 2 coats of paint


Well lookie there, I just figured out how to put up a couple pics. Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come :) I will put up another picture of the front door makeover when I finally get that last coat of paint done. Hope all is well for you :)


  1. The blue door looks great! Those little projects can be so satisfying.
    Your comments on unintentionally creating temporary vegetarians made me chuckle a bit. You may have seen that we processed two of our own roosters here this week. The girls were totally fine with it, even helping to pluck one, and watching daddy clean it all out. It was MAMA who thought about forgoing meat! Putting the birds into the freezer and realizing that I now have to cook and serve them so as not to make their lives a's unsettling. Lots to think about!

    1. I agree that the whole processing of animals you've cared for is unsettling. My oldest son, especially, was upset about taking the meat birds to be plucked. We talked about how we tried to give them the best life we could, and I showed him a picture of what a factory chicken farm looks like. He is unconvinced. I just want to plant a seed now and let them think about where food comes from and decide for themselves when they are old enough. He is still able to eat chicken nuggets, so I think he will come around ;)

  2. It is just amazing all that you are able to do. And as a vegetarian, I can honestly say that more bacon for your isn't a bad thing at all. mmmm...bacon... ;-)