Thursday, 18 August 2016

Don't Kiss Your Chickens, Do Kill Your Darlings

It's been hard to write an original post lately. I put up my weekly columns mostly to keep some traffic happening on the site. But I've realized what keeps me from posting is that I had begun a post about the ridiculous advice I heard on the radio the other day "Don't kiss your chickens". The advice is good--the need for it is ridiculous. I wanted to draw the correlation between a society that puts Donald Trump in a race to be leader of the free world and a society that now sews diapers so that chickens can come right in the house, and where people actually need told not to kiss their birds. Because that will make you sick, you see.

And the post wasn't working out very well; it wasn't witty and I don't understand the American system well enough to preach about it here and, frankly, who cares what I think about Donald Trump and chicken kissers.

But it did get me thinking abut the writing process. I've committed to writing more. Writing daily. I want to take myself on a writer's retreat next year for my 40th birthday and I want to have a few pieces that are worth working on with focus. I finally realize that when I am hung up on a concept I just have to let it go and keep on writing. I've been writing in the evenings even though I know that, so far, none of it is very good. But I have to keep trying so that (hopefully) soon something decent crosses the page that I can delve into and turn into something real.

Rather than treating every idea like it must be "the one" and then panic when it turns out to be nothing, I'm trying to exercise my skills and use some prompts and practice making stories come to life. And I'm trying to stay calm that, so far, inspiration is nil. But like trying to sort out a blog post that wasn't working, sometimes it's best to just get on with it and let those darlings die so you can move forward. So that's what I'm doing :)

How is everything with you?


  1. OMG - a diaper?! The word gobsmacked seems to apply here. And I have never been near farm animals (except perhaps as a tot at a fair) but even I could say don't kiss chickens. Seriously?! What is the world coming to? (On that note as an American I will stay silent on what is going on here. But I have considered moving north. Sadly Canada doesn't want us.)

    Please keep writing daily. Good, bad, questionable, let it all keep coming out. You are a lovely writer and it would be a shame to not focus on that talent since you enjoy it. Can't wait to hear more about the writer's retreat as you get closer to 4-0 :-)

    1. Thanks Pru, I need all the encouragement I can get ;) it's easier to think "if only I had time, I'd write" than to actually sit down and, well, write. I can't imagine Canada not wanting Americans to move north, but who knows. It really seems like everything is upside down nowadays :-(