Monday, 11 July 2016

Are You Sure Martha Done It This Way

Maybe it is this time of year, as the garden explodes and we attempt to make magical summertime memories for our kids at lakes and fairs and parades, but something about July always leaves me rocking wide-eyed in the corner with my arms wrapped tightly around myself.

Oh, at the beginning of the month I have a plan. I have THE plan. My weeds are mostly under control, thoughts of mulch and bountiful harvests dance through my head and I plot inviting the neighbours, all of them, to BBQ and bask in the beautiful space that is this yard.

Then somehow, every July, there is a flurry of travel and cabins and camping and laundry (oh! the laundry!) and when I glance back to the yard, the garden, the rugs, the wind is knocked from me as the reality of all that I have to get done once again takes me completely by surprise.

We have had approximately 7 inches of rain this month. This is unheard of on the prairies. I am a farmer's daughter and I will refrain from complaining about the rains that just keep on coming but

as thunderheads gather every evening I do feel a curl of hysteria rise in my chest and I have been seen lately sitting at the window with a maniacal smile pointing to the garden that is now completely overgrown with vegetation (both the wanted and unwanted types) and I wonder when, if ever, I shall get the time and a break from the rain to get control of my yard and life.

 I am hosting 4 extra boys for a day and night on Wednesday (do wish me luck that there are no broken bones) and next week we start a week of swimming lessons which will invariably bring an ear infection to my poor 6 year old who is plagued by them.

I am so lucky, so very lucky, to know myself well enough to know when I must, must have a break. It came today, when Husband drove company back to the airport and my sons went to gramma's for a sleepover. After two weeks of company and a flurry of travelling and sight seeing, tonight I got to pull weeds for an hour uninterrupted by rain or kids. And I realize how cathartic my garden is, even as it's riotous growth makes me a bit squirrely with to-do lists. My garden is a reprieve from people, noise, expectations, obligations, appearances, extravagances. My garden just is, and I need that. A lot.

Not every mom has to get home to feed the pigs or can't go on a hot vacation because it is lambing time. These are choices that I have made, and all for the right reasons. It isn't always convenient to have animals and live tied to a piece of land. I realize that I am much more Waylon than I could ever be Martha, and I am so, so okay with that.


  1. i don't think we've had seven inches of rain all we have the opposite problem and i have no compunction about complaining about the lack of rain. i was at the feed store today...guess what everyone was complaining about? lol

    i'm tired just hearing about your busy days. and so very much understand the solace of time spent in the truly does soothe all of the raw edges.

    martha? pffft. ;)


    1. Always lovely to hear from you, Mel! I feel for you on the lack of rain--we are usually on that end of the scale and it is an all-consuming worry when you make your living from the land and are short on water, risk of fires, all that. We have been there and I hope you get a nice gentle 3 day rain soon ;)

      I worry that this post is ungrateful. I'm ever so lucky to have the time and, so far, the funds to carry on like this every July. I am certainly a homebody so after quite a bit of time away I really miss my routine. When I'm tired I like to retreat :) But I know that February will roll around again and I will be wishing for a day on the beach or some company to break the monotony.

      I like how you say the garden soothes the raw edges. It sure does :) Hope you get that rain!

  2. I hear ya on the rain! We have been besieged with it. In fact since April-May, we've gotten so many inches. Rain is wonderful of course and we know it is needed town also floods so I'd be happy to see the back of it for awhile.

    1. Hi Pru, great to hear from you! There has been local flooding here as well, mostly in town. In southern parts of the province they have had terrible flooding so I am hoping that system has finally moved on. Hope all is well!