Monday, 27 June 2016

Today, in Pictures

It's been busy. It's hard to make time for my regular routine. But it is good to be busy with people coming and going and places to trot off to and get home tired and happy. As busy as we have been out and about we have also been working hard at home and I finally found the camera and the memory cards (woohoo!) and think it might be possible for me to take some pictures for the blog from time to time :)

This is what's happening around the yard today:

Hen and chicks, some of my favorites

My pond. *LOVE* I have not had time to clean it out and put in fresh water,
or get the pump running. But I love it.

Peonies. Possibly my favorite flower. So sad when they are done for the year!

Grape vines are doing great and I am hopeful that we will
actually see some fruit this year. Fingers crossed!

Garden doing well so far. Weeds and all. Yes, that's a thistle
in the foreground!
Parged basement wall and rock on the deck supports. A pile of work!
I'm glad it's completed :)

I plan to put down weed fabric and loads of stones under this deck.
"Next year"

Tomatoes on the vine

Garlic and peas. And thistles ;(

The hound guarding the door :)
I hope summer is treating you well!


  1. I love the pond too! So pretty :-)

    From the pics I can tell that you have been and will continue to be busy. But all good!

    Hope you and the boys are enjoying the start of summer. And Happy Canada Day! (2 days early but I won't be back online for a few days.)

    1. Thanks, Pru! Canada day was great!

  2. I've read that submerging oat straw will help clear water and keep it that way. I haven't tried it but when I build a pond in the new perennial garden (that doesn't yet exist...) I'm going to give it a go.

    1. What a great suggestion. Thanks, let me know if you try it!