Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Afghans from Granny

I've lost the inspiration to post on the blog, it seems. No reason, just a change in routine lately and I haven't carved out the time for myself. Spring threatens to burst forth and then retreats beneath a layer of chill and snow-- such is March on the prairies. I'm learning to be more patient and haven't even begun my planning for this year's garden. There is plenty of time and I've found myself sewing in the quiet spells (infrequent as they are).

The other day I went to my parents and had lunch with my 99 year old aunt. She is a force to be reckoned with. I've never asked her the secret to her longevity but I'm sure if I did she would answer "eat your vegetables and walk everywhere you go". We took her to the mountains when she was in her 70's and she beat us all to the top. What a pleasure to visit her again. 

The same day I brought home the afghans my granny made for me and my boys. Mine, the dark blue and cream, she made when I was in my 20's. J's is the light blue and O's is light green. She was still crocheting it when she had a stroke. She ended up spending her remaining days in a nursing home and my mom had a friend finish the afghan for O. To say they will be treasured is an understatement. 

I am still working on my grocery budget--Ii shall try to post on the subject soon. I've cut carbs out of my diet for the time being (too much winter baking!) and I've been waivering between euphoria and despair for the last two weeks. I feel great now but the beginning was rough, which shows how I really was filling myself with too much homemade bread!

I hope that spring is finding its way to you--if not in the weather then at least in your spirit. Thanks for stopping by!

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