Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rock Work

We are a family that loves rocks. Husband brings home landscaping rock and I continually find rocks in my boys' coat pockets. Our piece of land is very rocky, as I've mentioned, and before winter settled in for the year I started to use the rock as part of my landscaping plan.

I believe that we can have a beautiful yard without breaking the bank, and our philosophy is that if life gives you lemons you should make lemonade (or rock walls out of rocks, as the case may be). With that in mind I started two rock wall flower beds this fall. The two are joined by a wide stone path that can accommodate our four-wheeler and trailer or a ride-on mower (when we get one).

 The plan is to fill the rock wall with topsoil and have plants spilling down the sides of the walls, on either side of my stone path.

The dirt-covered rocks were picked from the topsoil
as we returned it from the pile it was in all summer. To
level the soil and plant grass we picked rocks...and picked...
and picked....

I ran out of time and the snow fell, so these walls will have to be filled with soil and planted in the spring. So many projects to look forward to!

This is just one of the stone paths that we have planned for our yard. I love the different colours of the rocks and really enjoy placing them in a pattern on the ground. Have you got a favorite garden pastime? 

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