Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mission Accomplished

Our annual craft sale has come and gone and I am left with a feeling of "where did the last month go?"

It was a much better turn out this year; in fact it got so busy that people couldn't get through to our booth. In the end I made about the exact same amount as I did last year but for some reason felt disappointed. So tonight I am reminding myself that although I had hoped to make more money, I did accomplish several things:

• I learned how to bind a quilt and managed to bind 3 by hand (1 throw size and 2 baby)
• a lady offered to buy the throw sized quilt, which I had on display (I had already given it to my friend whose mom had passed away)
• the first set of pallet board signs sold out (I made a second set of 5 at the last minute so have some inventory for next year)

I did not have a craft table thinking that it would make me rich :) a friend and I enjoy doing crafts and the busy work helps us get over the hump of the seasonal change. We had a great visit and I was overjoyed to see old friends come out to support a local event. My kids got their picture with Santa and I believe they will remember forever the suspenseful few moments while Santa searched for their names on the naughty/nice list!

The afternoon portion of the craft sale slowed down and I didn't make the profit that initially seemed possible. But all of my other goals were met. I learned how to do the binding on my quilts and was offered a fair price for one although I could not accept. I was commissioned by a friend (and paid in advance) to sew a baby quilt, and I've already got it started. 

I used some power tools while Husband is away working and reminded myself that I am more capable than I believe. I used to be so independent but having small kids and someone to ask has made me soft. All in all, I had a day out and some great social time and felt very supported by people that matter. That in itself is an accomplishment :)


  1. Enjoyed your made me remember all those times I participated in the local craft sales. Sometimes you barely make enough to cover expenses. I have found that the gathering together of other women, doing the same thing, can be the fun in the experience. I hope you took lots of photos....

    1. Yes, Meggie, it's no get rich quick plan. But you're right, it's a day out with a friend and for me it's a distraction as the seasons change. I try to be very creative about what I use so that there's not much cost to materials. For example I made signs out of a pallet and painted them with paints I've had for years. Those were pure profit. My quilts, on the other hand, barely cover the cost of fabric and batting. I would make nothing on my time. But I'm practicing so that when I make my sons each a quilt they will be done properly and last a lifetime. Selling some of my projects just helps me not go broke as I seem to love buying fabric! I had wanted to take pictures of my table but in the end I forgot. I plan to do a tree decorated only in ornaments I've made. I'll do a post :) thank you for your kind comments!