Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The "To Do" List: Saving on Insurance

Periodically throughout the year I sit down and make a list of places we might be able to save money. I knew that we could likely save by returning to our old insurance broker (we switched when we moved because the whole thing was too confusing for the poor guy we were dealing with, and I wanted to be sure we were covered). We received our policy renewal notice in the mail last week so I finally made the call to get a quote on home owner's insurance. And guess what? We are switching insurance agencies and saving $900/year.

Just like that, one phone call. (Okay, three, because they needed more information). But when I constantly think of how I can trim what we spend and use coupons when possible, it can feel hopeless at times. There are times when it feels impossible to trim our grocery bill no matter how I try, but in one morning I saved us what might be almost two months worth of grocery money. BOOM.

Now, what to do with the $900 saved? Let it absorb into the family coffers and trickle away to that mysterious place where our money trickles? Add it to the emergency fund? Or how about we put an additional $900 on our highest loan payment (camper) and save a bunch of interest?


I am thinking that I will give it until summer and make sure we don't need that money for an emergency, but once Husband's summer work is in full swing I intend to put the money we saved towards the loan we have on our camper. A double-win.

Do you shop around for insurance/ services to try to save money? 

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