Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Signs of Life

We have had a lot of wind. It's noisy and bothersome, but it's spring on the prairies and to be expected. I didn't get the pictures I took a few days ago posted--some signs of green around the yard. Today I didn't get new pictures--but we worked in the wind and added manure to compost, mowed and picked rocks and only just began to clean up the messes the dog leaves on the lawn. 

A few strawberry plants survived the winter. 

Some ground cover is waking up and I'm excited to see how things look in a few months!

We have started some seeds, though I'm not the best at hardening things off and actually having things live outside the little greenhouse. It's fun for the kids though:)

The dining room will be crowded for 6-8 weeks, but such is life. I'm sprouting mung beans and I think we will eat them tomorrow (stay tuned for a report on the mung beans). I sat and picked hulls out of them today...I won't say how long it took as it was a serious misuse of time :/

That's a picture of the beans on day 1. 

I think today is day 3. Tomorrow we eat them :) hope spring is finding you in your neck of the woods!

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