Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Heating With Wood

When we planned out our new house we knew we wanted a wood stove in our basement to supplement our natural gas furnace. Husband and I both grew up with it and we enjoy the cozy warmth wood heat provides. The one drawback, in my mind, is the mess hauling wood in and the ash and dust that inevitably gets around the house. Cutting, hauling and chopping wood might also seem a drawback for some, but we enjoy the physical outdoor activity and want to include our kids in the task. 

Our basement wasn't ready for the stove last year, so this is our first year burning wood. I'm finding that, besides the cozy heat and beautiful fire to watch, hauling in wood has added a nice rhythm to our day's chores. The kids play outside or ride their bikes in the garage while I carry from the woodpile in the trees to the stack in the garage. We keep about 5 days worth of wood in the garage and 2 days worth in the basement. While I do try to replenish both piles every second day, I have enough that I don't have to haul incase of the kids being sick, it being unpleasantly cold or windy, or just being too busy with other things. 

We are very happy with the quality of the stove we purchased. It burns well and is a beautiful feature in our basement. There were many power outages where we used to live and we always discussed feeling more comfortable with an alternative source of heat. Do you enjoy a wood fire? Have you got an alternative source of heat incase of emergency?


  1. We put up seven cords of wood this year after being caught short last year by five extra weeks of winter. This year we're prepared! I wish our wood stove were in the basement. I bet your floors are never cold.

  2. Yes, it really does keep the floors warm. It is such a pleasant, cozy warmth; I love coming down for my morning coffee and everything is nice and toasty. The drawback is having to haul it down there--we couldn't figure out a mouse-proof wood chute so we didn't bother. Since this is our first year burning, we weren't sure how many cords we needed. Like you say, winter is unpredictable in both severity and duration. It's best to be prepared for the worst. I'm fortunate in that there is a stockpile of wood at my parent's farm and my Husband is home every night right now. Last year he was gone from January through April with only a few days off. I'd say we have 4 cords...it will be interesting to see if it is enough (if we don't manage to get more over here). Now that I'm used to snuggling little boys and watching the flames I sure hope we don't run out ;)